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National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map for the Smoky Mountains

Appalachian Trail Guide TN and NC
Appalachian Trail Guide to TN-NC, published by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, is the official guide for the AT from Damascus, VA through the Smoky Mountains to Fontana Dam. Includes route descriptions, elevation profiles, natural & cultural history. Detached shaded-relief topo maps include a four-map set scaled at 1:63,600 with 100-foot contour intervals for the stretch north of the park, and a 5-color, 2-sided map of the Smokies.

 Appalachian Trail Guide for Great Smoky Mountains National Park

This page of the Appalachian Trail Guide provides information on key points along the AT as it passes through the Smokies, such as shelters, water sources, points of interest, as well as mileage and elevation information. Towards the bottom of the page you'll find a list of key online resources, as well as an elevation profile of the AT in the Smokies.

In the table below, mileage is measured from the two Appalachian Trail entry points into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Fontana Dam from the southwest, and Davenport Gap from the northeast:

Key Points Fontana Dam Davenport Gap Elevation Water Notes
Fontana Dam 0.0 71.6 1800 Short side trail to the Shuckstack Fire Tower.
Shuckstack Tower  4.0 67.6 3800
Birch Spring Gap 5.3 66.3 3680 Y
Doe Knob 7.6 64.0 4520 Trail junction give you access to Gregory Bald.
Ekaneetlee Gap 8.9 62.7 3842 Y
Mollies Ridge Shelter  10.6 61.0 4570 Y
Russell Field Shelter  13.1 58.5 4360 Y
Spence Field Shelter 16.0 55.6 4915 Y Travel 0.2 miles on Eagle Creek Trail to reach shelter. Awesome displays of mountain laurel at Spence Field in late spring.
Rocky Top 17.2 54.4 5440 Spectacular views atop Rocky Top.
Thunderhead Mountain 17.8 53.8 5527
Beechnut Gap 18.1 53.5 4920 Y
Derrick Knob Shelter 22.3 49.3 4880 Y
Sam's Gap 22.5 49.1 4995 Y
Buckeye Gap 25.1 46.5 4817 Y
Siler's Bald Shelter  27.8 43.8 5460 Y
Double Spring Gap Shelter 29.5 42.1 5505 Y
Clingmans Dome 32.0 39.6 6643 Y Highest point on AT, in the Smokies, and state of Tennessee.  Emergency access, shuttles & restrooms. 
Mt. Collins Shelter 35.8 35.8 5870 Y Travel 0.5 miles north on Sugarland Mountain Trail to reach shelter. Access to Clingmans Dome Road.
Newfound Gap, US 441 41.3 30.3 5046 Y Only place where AT crosses a road in the Smokies. Restrooms, re-supply point, or catch a shuttle. 
Icewater Spring Shelter  43.3 28.3 5920 Y Because it's so close to Newfound Gap this is one of the most crowded shelters in the park.
Charlies Bunion 44.1 27.5 5905 Outstanding panoramic views from large rock out-cropping at Chalies Bunion.
Pecks Corner Shelter 50.7 20.9 5280 Y Must travel 0.5 miles south on the Hughes Ridge Trail to reach shelter.
Mt. Sequoyah 53.4 18.2 6069
Mt. Chapman 54.9 16.7 6417
Tri-Corner Knob Shelter 55.9 15.7 5920 Y
Guyot Spring 57.7 13.9 6150 Y
Mt. Guyot Side Trail 57.8 13.8 6395
Cosby Knob Shelter 63.6 8.0 4700 Y
Mt. Cammerer Side Trail 66.4 5.2 5000 Excellent 0.6 mile side trip to a “western” style octagonal rock fire tower.
natural spring 66.9 4.7 4300 Y
natural spring 68.5 3.1 3700 Y
Davenport Gap Shelter 70.7 0.9 2600 Y
Davenport Gap  71.6 0 1975 TN 32, NC 284; eastern boundary of Smokies

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Appalachian Trail elevation profile
Elevation profile courtesy of Robert Lochbaum. The cumulative elevation gain from Fontana Dam to Davenport Gap is about 18,000 feet. The mileage profile above is based on Robert Lochbaum's wheel-measured trail data from 2007. Bob's data is also used in the "brown book", Hiking Trails of the Smokies.